-Heavily influenced by street culture, japanese animation, edo pop, superflat, folk art, graffiti, street art, cartoons, and textile design.
Meatball Sandwich with Red Thai Curry Marinara & Asian Coleslaw 🔥 (at Belly Shack)
Pictured above is Beck, the Portuguese Water Dog, whose parents are moving to Africa. He’s staying with his aunt and uncle in Indiana and trying to make friends with his cousin Mishka, the one eyed Sphinx. Wish him luck!
@yakorbz ratchet shopping list (at Old Irving Park, Chicago, IL, USA)
Squad #falcons #sundayz (at Kelsey’s Bar)
"Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in."
Siêu Cua (super crab)
Cruising the Saigon River on the way to Củ Chi
Saigon Central Post Office
"Daniel-san, this bonsai have strong root. Same same you".  
-Mr. Miyagi #karatekid #mrmiyagi #saigon #hcmc
Motor bikes outside of Cholon Market